Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Here are two ornaments that we made at our December Meetup Meeting. You can view instructions below.

Glitter Ornament____ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________


- Clear Glass Ornament

- Pledge Future Shine Floor Wax (found at Walmart)

- Glitter - Fine or Chunky will work. I like the fine because you get better coverage. The chunky tended to leave some gaps which did have an interesting look.

This video shows how easy these are to make. http://cricutchrist mas.blogspot. com/2009/ 11/week-18- crafty-gift- glitter-ornament s.html

Paper & Bead Ornament____ _________ _________ _________ _________ _________

I got the inspiration from Split Coast Stampers. Please review this article before reading my instructions. http://www.splitcoa ststampers. com/resources/ tutorials/ doubleballorname nt/


- (6) ½" x 4" strips of B&T Paper (3" x 4" piece cut into 6 strips)

- 17 to 20 glass beads {The size of beads will depend on what type of beads you use. I used what I consider to be a medium sized glass bead because it is bigger than the tiny beads.}

- 3" Head Pin [ I used Blue Moon 3" Head Pins from Joann's that I found in the beading section. The cost was $1.29 for 18. Here is a link to what the pins look like http://joann. com/joann/ catalog/productd etail.jsp? pageName= search&flag=true&PRODID=prd2077 ]

- Long Nose Pliers or Round Ended Pliers [ I used a pier like the ones in this tool set: http://www.scrapboo index.asp? PageAction= VIEWPROD&ProdID=1519 ]

- Ornament Hook, any kind or you could use ribbon. I used an earring hook.

1.) Poke holes on both ends of the strips of paper with a piercing tool. I would say 1/8 to ¼ of an inch from the end.

2. ) You will put one bead on the head pin.

3. ) The put the 6 strips of paper on the pin. Putting the pin through only one hole on each strip. You don't have to fan out the pieces yet. Alternate the pattern that faces upward like the ornament above.

4.) Put 15 beads on the pin

5.) Bend the paper strips and place the other end (through the hole on the pin). Fan out the paper to make the ball shape.

6. ) Place another Bead on top of the paper. Depending on how you want the ball to be shaped and how much excess wire is showing.

7.) Using the pliers, bend the end of the pin. I used a twisting motion with my Wrist to make a loop at the end of the pin (wire).

8.) Attach the hook or the ribbon to the loop and hand your ornament on your tree. :-)

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