Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our House at Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love all the beautiful decorations. I always wish that I had more money to spend on more decorations. I think we did pretty good this year. Welcome to our home!

I finally found a wreath for the front door that I liked. I really wanted something with ornaments. The bow is part of the wreath holder.

Our Christmas is located in the foyer this year. We went with a Winter character theme which includes winter animals, snowmen, and PENGUINS! We tried to keep the color scheme to a Lagoon and Crystal Blue. We accented with White Daisy and Pear green.

Here is our mantle with our stocking. I finally managed to create the perfect mantle garland. I found a garland with pine cones and berries and then added lights and sugar covered plastic fruit.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Victoria's Birthday Party

Victoria's birthday party was a success. We had over 20 guests attending. We had a spaghetti dinner followed by presents and cake. The kids had fun making penguins.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Victoria's Birthday Decorations

Nearly fifteen years ago, I received my best Christmas present which is my daughter Victoria. It's hard to believe that 15 years have passed so quickly. As blessed as we feel to have her birthday on Christmas Day, it has always been a challenge in celebrating her birthday. We found that celebrating her birthday on Christmas day wasn't pleasant for her. She just didn't like the idea of having her cousins open presents on her birthday. So most years, we celebrate early in December.

This year we went with a penguin theme and decorated using mostly different shades of blue. I will post more party detail in a later post. I wanted to focus on the different decorations for this post.

This year, I wanted the decorations to be perfect, at least in one room. I made a banner of ballons by blowing up a bag of ballons using a manual balloon pump. I tied the ballons to a ribbon and strung it across the formal living room. We strung streamers from the top of one wall an attached to the chandelier.

Then we hung 3 glitter ornaments from the chandelier. I think the overall effect turned out well.

Victoria helped me make a poster to display "Happy 15th Birthday". We used the Hannah Montana Cricut Cartridge. We embellished with a sparkle penguins from Michaels, XL metallic pushpins, and a Paris Las Vegas pin.

We set up a table for gifts in my scrapbook room which is right a cross from the formal living room. The balloon bouquet consists of a dozen pearl latex ballons and one Penguin mylar balloon. Of course, our gift bags were the penguin ones.

On a side note, many people gave suggested a half birthday in June. But we have to many birthdays in the family in June for it to work out, as far a scheduling.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scrapbook for Dan's Grandparents

During our recent trip to Ohio, I made a scrapbook for Dan's grandparents for their 60th Wedding Anniversary. We wanted to do something special for them. So I made them 12 layouts or 24 scrapbook pages. I used CTMH Level one kits. My goal was to complete the project in 2 days that we were there. We brought and album and supplies and I used their pictures to create the layouts. I hope you like them as much as they did.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Studio J - Heartfelt Retreat 2009

I think the best thing about being a Close to My Heart Consultant is the relationships that I have built. Melissa Robinson, my upline and good friend, organizes a retreat for her team every year. She even allows us to invite our other scrpabooking friends. These weekends are awesome!!! We spend time working on our creative projects. We can visit with other ladies and see what they are working on. It is an excellent environment for making friends and connecting with people you chat with on our Yahoo group, some of which you haven't met in person.

I've made some amazing friends through my heartfelt team and these retreats. It was at a retreat that I met Amanda (Swink) Canale. She has been an awesome friend. We are now organizers of a meetup group in our area which has provided us with more friends.

I am very shy and it's hard for me to come out of my shell sometimes. But through scrapbooking and CTMH, I just somehow forget how reserved I am. I guess the creativity we share is such a common bond that joins us together.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Studio J - Family in Colorado

In August of 2009, I finally made my dream come true of vacationing in Aspen, Colorado. Sorry, these are not pictures from Aspen. Anyway, I would like to set the scene by sharing the following. We often go to Trinidad, Colorado to visit my family, but we don't often do any vacationing on our own. This time, we spend a night at my Grandma's on the way to Aspen and on the way back to Texas.

I wanted to put together the pictures we took with my Mom, my Dad, and my Grandma. It's surreal to see how much they have changed over the years, and too see my daughter growing up. They say she looks a lot like me when I was young. And sometimes, I can see what they are are describing when I look back at the photos. I think because I know Victoria so well. I feel like I always see her as herself.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Studio J - Christmas Layouts

Let my start by saying, I do my scrapbooks by Year. I like to look back at a year, and say "Oh! That's what we did back then!"

Unfortunately, I don't always have time to create the perfect layouts I envisioned for those special memories. So, I have resolved that since I bought the annual studio J membership, by George, I am going to get caught up! Okay, maybe just the last couple of years. But it's a starts.

So today, I am sharing a layout from a day we spent in Grapevine just before Christmas. I should warn you that Grapevine is in Texas (for my many friends who actually get snow around this time of year.) It was a beautiful day...(cue the reminiscing music). lol. My cousin Jon and his family live near Austin, and we haven't had a chance to visit with them since they moved to Texas. So this year, they came up to DFW to visit with my Aunts, and us.

We had a nice lunch at my aunt Dot's house, then we went to downtown Grapevine to enjoy the decorations and some fun activities that they do on the weekends before Christmas. Although, I didn't get a good picture of it. We did get to go on a short carriage ride, which was fun, too. It was nice to see Victoria get along with Jon's boys.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Artwork for "A Sip"

This "A" sized stamp set was just too cute! For me it reminds me of drinking hot cocoa. I created a card for a virtual swap that showcases the CTMH new stamp sets. I tried some new techniques using prisma glitter and embossing powder, and I was very happy with the results.

Here are the supplies and/or products I used.
Stamp Set: A1109 - A Sip
Paper: Olivia
Black embossing powder, white embossing powder, versamark, prisma glitter

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Harvest Home Card

I love Close to My Heart Stamps. Every time a new idea book comes out, I want to buy all the new stamps. C1419 - Harvest Home is one of my favorites in the Fall Winter Idea Book for 2010. Here is the card that I created for a virtual swap.

I used the following supplies and/or techniques:
Stamp: C1419 Harvest Home
Paper: X7128B - Olivia Level 2 Paper Pack
Cricut Cartridge: Hannah Montana
CTMH pearl paint, Versamark, Embossing Powders & Prisma Glitter

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hooligans Workshop in September

I just wanted to share the layouts and cards that I will be teaching at the September Workshop for the Scrapbooking for Lives Meetup Group. I love the "Hooligans" Level 2 Paper pack with it's vibrant and brilliant colors. I've added the Sunset mini-medley collection, Licorice Opaques (pearls), and Hooligans 3D Assortment.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Heartfel Sentiments Team

Today, I thought I would share a little about my journey with Close to My Heart. I signed 3 years ago, after attending my first workshop conducted by Melissa Robinson. Since then, she has become a great friend and fabulous upline. Her enthusiasm for CTMH and the mind boggling techniques she taught hooked me in.
By being on her team, I have met some amazing women. The common characteristics we all share are a passion for preserving our families' memories, creativity, and kind, supportive spirits. I have been blessed to belong to such a wonderful group.

On August 7th, Melissa organized a "Stamp Camp" which is part business training, creative techniques, and good time with great friends. I was honored to be asked to present on Studio J, and humbled by how well received it was. I have always had a passion for technology. Being able to share the wonderful things CTMH has provided us with Studio J was awesome!!!

Below is a picture of the members of the Heartfelt Sentiments team. (Kristi Strickland is not pictured, but was able to attend for a short time. She has a new baby, so her time was limited.)

Monday, August 2, 2010

2 – 4 – 6 – 8 ! It’s you we APPRECIATE!

Have I told you lately that I LOOOVE CTMH!!!! Today, I love them because they offer great specials. It's such a GREAT DEAL, that I just had to share on my blog. The following is from an email I sent out to friends and family.

Close to My Heart wants to show you how much they appreciate you as a customer. They are bringing a limited time SUPER deals to you for 8 days only. This speciall will be available only through my website:

Dates: Starting August 4 @ 10 AM (CST) through August 11

Whiles supplies last, you can get the following items for an AWESOME price

· My Stickease Assortments for $2

· My Reflections Level 1 Kits for $4

· My Reflections Level 2 Kits for $6

Here is a list of the kits that it applies to: I’ve included the links. You can order the items directly by entering the item # directly into the Qucick Add Item text box on the left side of the screen when you are shopping online. (Go to my website, click on the button to the left that says “Shop Online)


Here is the complete list.

X7090A - My Reflections Silhouette Level 1 $4
X7090B - My Reflections Silhouette Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7090C - Silhouette My Stickease $2
X7091A - My Reflections it’s a Guy Thing Level 1 $4
X7091B - My Reflections it’s a Guy Thing Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7091C - it’s a Guy Thing My Stickease $2
X7092A - My Reflections Good Times Level 1 $4
X7092B - My Reflections Good Times Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7092C - Good Times My Stickease $2
X7095A - My Reflections Boom-Di-Ada Level 1 $4
X7095B - My Reflections Boom-Di-Ada Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7095C - Boom-Di-Ada My Stickease $2
X7096A - My Reflections Blue Ribbon Level 1 $4
X7096B - My Reflections Blue Ribbon Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7096C - Blue Ribbon My Stickease $2
X7097A - My Reflections Game On Level 1 Kit $4
X7097B - My Reflections Game On Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7097C - Game On My Stickease $2
X7098A - My Reflections Sarsaparilla Level 1 Kit $4
X7098B - My Reflections Sarsaparilla Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7098C - Sarsaparilla My Stickease $2
X7100A - My Reflections Perfect Day Level 1 $4
X7100B - My Reflections Perfect Day Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7100C - Perfect Day My Stickease $2
X7101A - My Reflections Magic Moments Level 1 $4
X7101B - My Reflections Magic Moments Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7101C - Magic Moments My Stickease $2
X7102A - My Reflections Notebook Level 1 $4
X7102B - My Reflections Notebook Paper Packet $6
X7102C - Notebook My Stickease $2
X7103A - My Reflections Aspen Level 1 $4
X7103B - My Reflections Aspen Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7103C - Aspen My Stickease $2
X7104A - My Reflections Evensong Level 1 $4
X7104B - My Reflections Evensong Level 2 Paper Packet 6
X7104C - Evensong My Stickease 2
X7105A - My Reflection sEmporium Level 1 $4
X7105B - My Reflections Emporium Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7105C - Emporium My Stickease 2
X7106A - My Reflections Unforgettable Level 1 $4
X7106B - My Reflections Unforgettable Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7106C - Unforgettable My Stickease 2
X7107A - My Reflections That’s Amore Level 1 $4
X7107B - My Reflections That’s Amore Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7107C - That’s Amore My Stickease 2
X7108A - My Reflections Daydream Level 1 $4
X7108B - My Reflections Daydream Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7108C - Daydream My Stickease 2
X7109A - My Reflections Stardust Level 1 $4
X7109B - My Reflections Stardust Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7109C - Stardust My Stickease 2
X7110A - My Reflections Back Country Level 1 $4
X7110B - My Reflections Back Country Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7110C - Back Country My Stickease 2
X7111A - My Reflections Moon Doggie Level 1 $4
X7111B - My Reflections Moon Doggie Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7111C - Moon Doggie My Stickease 2
X7112A - My Reflections Animal Cookies Level 1 $4
X7112B - My Reflections Animal Cookies Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7112C - Animal Cookies My Stickease 2
X7113A - My Reflections Tinkerin Level 1 $4
X7113B - My Reflections Tinkerin Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7113C - Tinkerin My Stickease 2
X7114A - My Reflections Bella Level 1 $4
X7114B - My Reflections Bella Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7114C - Bella My Stickease 2
X7115A - My Reflections Jingle Level 1 $4
X7115B - My Reflections Jingle Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7115C - Jingle My Stickease 2
X7116A - My Reflections Sweet Home Level 1 $4
X7116B - My Reflections Sweet Home Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7116C - Sweet Home My Stickease 2
X7117A - My Reflections Grace Level 1 $4
X7117B - My Reflections Grace Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7117C - Grace My Stickease 2
X7118A - My Reflections Twitterpated Level 1 $4
X7118B - My Reflections Twitterpated Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7118C - Twitterpated My Stickease 2

These links won't be available until August 4th
X7045A - My Reflections Vintage Travel Level 1 $4
X7045C - VintageTravel My Stickease $2
X7056A - My Reflections Discovery Level 1 $4
X7060A - My Reflections Heirloom Level 1 $4
X7060B - My Reflections Heirloom Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7061A - My Reflections Floral Impressions Level 1 $4
X7061B - My Reflections Floral Impressions Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7061C - Floral Impressions My Stickease 2
X7062A - My Reflections Laid Back Level 1 $4
X7069A - My Reflections Just Chillin Level 1 $4
X7069C - Just Chillin My Stickease $2
X7071A - My Reflections Best Friends Forever Level 1 $4
X7072A - My Reflections School Zone Level 1 $4
X7072C - School Zone My Stickease $2
X7073A - My Reflections Abundance Level 1 $4
X7073B - My Reflections Abundance Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7073C - Abundance My Stickease $2
X7076A - My Reflections Sonata Level 1 6
X7076C - Sonata My Stickease $2
X7077C - Sweet Harmony My Stickease $2
X7078A - My Reflections Cutie Pie Level 1 6
X7078C - Cutie Pie My Stickease $2
X7079B - My Reflections Rough n Tumble Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7079C - Rough n Tumble My Stickease $2
X7080A - My Reflections Route 66 Level 1 6
X7080C - Route 66 My Stickease $2
X7070A - My Reflections Simple Pleasure Level 1 $4
X7070B - My Reflections Simple Pleasure Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7070C - Simple Pleasure My Stickease $2
X7075A - My Reflections More To Adore Level 1 $4
X7075B - My Reflections More To Adore Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7075C - More To Adore My Stickease $2
X7081A - My Reflections Majestic Blue Level 1 $4
X7081B - My Reflections Majestic Blue Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7081C - Majestic Blue My Stickease $2
X7082A - My Reflections Expedition Level 1 6
X7082C - Expedition My Stickease $2
X7083A - My Reflections Let's Get Together Level 1 6
X7084A - My Reflections Floral Tapestry Level 1 6
X7085A - My Reflections Everlasting Level 1 6
X7085B - My Reflections Everlasting Paper Packet 6
X7085C - Everlasting My Stickease $2
X7086A - My Reflections Caprice Level 1 6
X7086B - My Reflections Caprice Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7086C - Caprice My Stickease $2
X7087A - My Reflections Enchanted Level 1 6
X7087B - My Reflections Enchanted Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7087C - Enchanted My Stickease $2
X7088A - My Reflections Free Spirit Level 1 $4
X7088B - My Reflections Free Spirit Level 2 Paper Packet $6
X7088C - Free Spirit My Stickease $2
X7089A - My Reflections Lifes Delights Level 1 $4
X7089C - Life Delights My Stickease $2
X7093A - My Reflections Sweet Pea Level 1 $4
X7093C - Sweet Pea My Stickease $2
X7094A - My Reflections Paper Garden Level 1 $4
X7094C - Paper Garden My Stickease $2

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back from Convention 2010!

Hi, there! I am back from convention and I'm just overflowing with creativity. It was just a amazing. Being in the presence of so many crafty and creative people was awesome. I was able to see the new products coming out and learn to use them. I also learned some new techniques. I can't wait to share the new information and details with you. So keep checking back for new updates.

This is me and my friend Melissa at Convention.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My trip to the Great American Scrapbook Convention In Arlington

Hi! I just wanted to share some of my thoughts on the GASC this year.

Overall, I didn't really see any new products that I hadn't seen before. There really wasn't really a new great ideas. A couple of years ago, it seemed like there were alot of new products out like Spellbingers, The Bind it All, Cricut, acrylic albums, and stuff like that. On the plus side, there was a lot less emphasis on kits for projects (that weren't layouts). There were a lot of booths with dollar bins and discounted priced items. There were several booths that had a variety of paper and coordinating embellishments. I hope this isn't selling to drab because I did buy a few things.

So here are my favorites (in no particular order):

1. Ribbon Organizer from Best Craft organizer. I got 11 ribbon containers and the spooling tool for $25 with the coupon from the Vendor directory.

2. T-shirts By Custom Graphics (From Altus,OK). They have this awesome foil t-shirt that you can choose the color of foil. The foil t-shirt was $15, and the other t-shirt was $10. They had some other really good shirts but these were my favorites.

3. Embossing Glitter by PK Glitz. They also had this anti static powder that I bought to try out.

4. Small Tote from Thirty One. I plan to use it at CTMH convention this year instead of trying to carry my regular tool tote.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beary Busy

I created the following layout to be used for my daughter's garden. She has been obsessed with having her own garden this year. So we are letting her use these two flower bed in the back yard for her first attempt. It's been a good learning experience for her to have to do the work herself. I look forward to sharing those picture in a later post.

The stamp set is Beary Busy and can be found in the CTMH Summer Idea Book.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

April Meetup Project

I have my monthly meetup meeting the 2nd Tuesday of the month. I like to have a project we can work on, and I keep the project a surprise until the show up for the meeting. I try to make the project in advance so that I can provide assistance with any of the steps someone gets stuck on.

Here are the two thinks we made for our April Meetup. The examples below where the ones Kristi Strickland made. I took better pictures of hers than my samples.

Waterfall card:

Box in a Bag:

You can get instructions for both of these from split coast stampers. We did vary it a little bit, but we use their instructions.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Slide Show Demo

Thinking inside the Box

I wanted to take a moment to share the CTMH Cube that I am using for a workshop in May. I just love this product, because it is just so easy to work with and it's the perfect size.

The goal of the workshop is to see how versatile this cube is. My first example is using it as a box. More variations to come!

I haven't put pictures on it yet. But I hope you like it. I got the pattern for the box sides from Sheila Wilkerson.

Monday, March 15, 2010

February Tuesday Night Meetup

I know this is a little late, but I am finally getting around to sharing the lovely
Joy Fold Card we made.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My "Award Winning" Journal

I just wanted to share this journal that I created at my CTMH team's annual retreat. There was a contest to creatively decorate a CTMH Journal and then everyone would vote for their favorite. And I won!!! I am so proud. There we so many cool journals, I really didn't think I would win. I love my friends for voting for me. lol.

I should also give credit to my friend Amanda for giving me the idea for a travel journal. So here's my thinking for this journal.

The title is "The Places We Will Go". I plan to use this journal to write down memories from visiting these places and to capture some of the places I want to see when go we go see those places.

This first tab is for our trip to D.C. We are going as a family this year to see the sites and I will be attending convention as well. I can't wait.

I have been to Paris once, and I regret that I've lost most of the pictures from that time. It was the first road trip me and my husband ever went on together. It was so beautiful and amazing. I hope to get to stay a week instead of just the two days I was there before.

We've heard many wonderful things about going on cruises, so hopefully we will be able to go as a family before my daughter finishes high school.

It has been a dream of ours to go to Hawaii. This is another trip we would love to do before Victoria finishes high school.

We've been to Disney World, but we'd love to go back. Plus, I am dying to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We're thinking 2011 for this trip.

I guess I should mention my supplies.
  • CTMH Journal
  • CTMH Felicity Paper Pack and Coordinating Stamp Set
  • CTMH Stamp: Post Card Travel Series
  • CTMH Stamp: Who Loves You

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Please Don't Go - CARD

At my day job, we had a someone who was leaving our team. She is a great person to work with with a great sense of humor. A couple of managers on our team asked if I could make a card. Heck yeah! :-) So, I asked is there anything special they wanted on the card, and one of them said "Please don't go!. So here's what I cam up with. I hope you like it.

Honey, It's COLD outside!

Wow! I don't think we've had this much snow in one winter since we've lived in the DFW area. This is the third or fourth snow this winter.