Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scrapbook for Dan's Grandparents

During our recent trip to Ohio, I made a scrapbook for Dan's grandparents for their 60th Wedding Anniversary. We wanted to do something special for them. So I made them 12 layouts or 24 scrapbook pages. I used CTMH Level one kits. My goal was to complete the project in 2 days that we were there. We brought and album and supplies and I used their pictures to create the layouts. I hope you like them as much as they did.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Studio J - Heartfelt Retreat 2009

I think the best thing about being a Close to My Heart Consultant is the relationships that I have built. Melissa Robinson, my upline and good friend, organizes a retreat for her team every year. She even allows us to invite our other scrpabooking friends. These weekends are awesome!!! We spend time working on our creative projects. We can visit with other ladies and see what they are working on. It is an excellent environment for making friends and connecting with people you chat with on our Yahoo group, some of which you haven't met in person.

I've made some amazing friends through my heartfelt team and these retreats. It was at a retreat that I met Amanda (Swink) Canale. She has been an awesome friend. We are now organizers of a meetup group in our area which has provided us with more friends.

I am very shy and it's hard for me to come out of my shell sometimes. But through scrapbooking and CTMH, I just somehow forget how reserved I am. I guess the creativity we share is such a common bond that joins us together.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Studio J - Family in Colorado

In August of 2009, I finally made my dream come true of vacationing in Aspen, Colorado. Sorry, these are not pictures from Aspen. Anyway, I would like to set the scene by sharing the following. We often go to Trinidad, Colorado to visit my family, but we don't often do any vacationing on our own. This time, we spend a night at my Grandma's on the way to Aspen and on the way back to Texas.

I wanted to put together the pictures we took with my Mom, my Dad, and my Grandma. It's surreal to see how much they have changed over the years, and too see my daughter growing up. They say she looks a lot like me when I was young. And sometimes, I can see what they are are describing when I look back at the photos. I think because I know Victoria so well. I feel like I always see her as herself.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Studio J - Christmas Layouts

Let my start by saying, I do my scrapbooks by Year. I like to look back at a year, and say "Oh! That's what we did back then!"

Unfortunately, I don't always have time to create the perfect layouts I envisioned for those special memories. So, I have resolved that since I bought the annual studio J membership, by George, I am going to get caught up! Okay, maybe just the last couple of years. But it's a starts.

So today, I am sharing a layout from a day we spent in Grapevine just before Christmas. I should warn you that Grapevine is in Texas (for my many friends who actually get snow around this time of year.) It was a beautiful day...(cue the reminiscing music). lol. My cousin Jon and his family live near Austin, and we haven't had a chance to visit with them since they moved to Texas. So this year, they came up to DFW to visit with my Aunts, and us.

We had a nice lunch at my aunt Dot's house, then we went to downtown Grapevine to enjoy the decorations and some fun activities that they do on the weekends before Christmas. Although, I didn't get a good picture of it. We did get to go on a short carriage ride, which was fun, too. It was nice to see Victoria get along with Jon's boys.