Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding Details: Candy Buffet

I got the idea for a Candy Buffet from my friend Amanda. She had one at her wedding and I thought it was an awesome and unique idea. The cost for it added up to quite a bit. But the good thing was that we bought the candy a little at a time, so it was easy to spread out the cost.

My friends also contributed some of the unique containers, so that saved us on the cost as well. The flowers and feathers were given by Amanda. She had used them as decoration for my bridal shower. So this is another good idea for being able to re-use items. The vases were made from empty Snapple bottles and decorated with CTMH B&T paper. She weighted them down with blue glass stones.

Candy used:
  • Sixlets – 2 packages from Party City
  • Chocolate covered almonds – left overs from the ones used for  favors.
  • Jelly beans – Jelly Belly from Target, 1 ½ lbs
  • Blue Fortune Cookies --
  • M & Ms in Royal Blue, Light Blue and Teal – 3 packages from Party City
  • White Butter mints – very large bag from Party City
  • Gummy Frogs & Sharks – from Target, 1 ½ lbs
  • Blue & White Lollipop sticks – wedding section of Walmart
  • Wine glass favors - 50 for $14.88 at Walmart on Clearance. They came with the ribbon, labels, and lace circles.  
  • Peeps - I bought about 5 packages at easter to make sure I had enough. I don't think we used them all. My daughter probably ate most of them at the reception and then finished off the ones that came home. 
Total Cost was around $140

I got some scoops from the container store, and some wedding ones from Party City. We couldn’t find the small scoops the day before the wedding so I found a cute scoop spoon from target. I think we paid $11 total for the variety of scoops.

Also, the table cloth for the table was part of the table rental. $16

I forgot to put some small dessert plates on the candy buffet.

I also wanted to share some of the symbolism of the candy.

  • Sixlets are one of my childhood favorites. I go crazy everytime I see them. 
  • When Victoria was little she didn't like chocolate and didn't care that much for candy. Jelly Belly Jelly Beans were one of the few candies she would eat. So, it was a special treat to go to the mall to a store where she could scoop out her favorite flavors. 
  • Gummy frogs because Dan's dad and sister love frogs.
  • Gummy sharks for Dan & Victoria because they love Shark Week. 
  • Peeps are one of Dan and Victoria's favorites treats. We even went to the Peeps & Company store near Washington D.C. got the T-shirt. 
  • Fortune cookies were a gift from Christiny and Andrew. We loved them even though they made your whole mouth blue.

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