Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding Goodies: Place Settings

Well, Hello there! I know it's been quite a while since I've posted anything. So, I'm taking a minute to post an update. The last few months have been hectic. At work, we had a major installation in the works and lots of testing to make sure it was ready for production. Well, that is still progress. But the really big thing taking up all my extra time was my wedding. After 16 years of marriage, we finally got the wedding we have been dreaming of. The wedding has now past and I find that I have time to post all the things I wanted to share a long the way. So stay tuned for some fun stuff to come. 

!! Warning - !!!
Please do not take any of my following comments as complaints. I am trying to share all the details in the hopes that someone who is planning their own wedding know what to expect. I know  I made many flubs and goofs along the way. I was lucky to have such caring and forgiving friends and family. It's in my nature to tell it like it is and I try to stay true to what happened and not leave out the bad stuff.

So the first thing I want to share is the place setting. One of the big challenges of my wedding was to keep cost down. We figured we would have a small wedding since we had already been married so long and thought we'd be lucky to get anyone to come. We had the wedding and our reception at our church (Unity Church of Grapevine). So we were limited to 75 guests. We also had certain budgetary constraints for the cost of food so we decided to go with hors d'oeuvres or finger foods. We had the food served buffet style. I will share more about the food in another post. So back to the subjet at hand...Well that meant we had to figure out how to use up all the "real estate" to fit everyone in. I worried so much about having everyone congregated an just a couple of tables or having just a couple of people at one table and other people not having anywhere to sit. So after a lot of research, we decided to have a assigned seating. Boy! Did I agonize over grouping people! Mostly it was trying to keep people in a group seated together, and trying to place people with people they knew so they would feel comfortable.The final count for the reception ended up being 68 with 62 people in attendance. So we were so happy that we had enough for everyone.

So, here is a picture of the place setting. Please keep reading to find out how cost effective this lovely setting was. 

Favor Boxes - Purchased from Walmart. They were on clearance. Normal the cost was $19.97 for a box of Fifty, however they were on sale for $14.88. So these lovely favors ended up being $.30 each Plus the cost of jordan almonds for $32 for 100 favors. I really had no idea what the cost of chocolate covered almost, so I was a little shocked by the final price. Overall, I think that was pretty good for the end result. We put five almonds in each bag. This sympolizes a number that cannot be divided symbolizing the lasting union and five blessing for the bride and groom (Fertility, wealth, health, happiness, and longevity.)

Place Card - Purchased from Michaels. $20 for 2 packages with a total of 96 place cards. I think they were marked down at the time. I printed the names on the card using my laser jet printer. I was also printing last minute name cards because I didn't follow up sooner to get guest names.

Napkin - Purchase 600 napkins in bulk from Costco for like $15.  We took one napking folded it in half and using a 8" x 1" strip of B&T paper as the band. The monogram was made using a 2 1/4" inch CTMH Scallop punch a 1 3/4" circle punch. The "W" was stamped with Moonstruck ink using the "Old World" Alphabet. 

A special thanks to the following:
  • Melissa Robinson, my husband Daniel, and daughter Victoria for helping me put together the favor boxes.
  • Amanda Canale, Victoria and Kim Sharp for helping to assemble the napkins. 
  • Elizabeth Arnold for typing in the names on the place card template and helping me print them out. Thanks for deciphering my outdated guest list. 

I am so lucky to have such amazing friends and family who tolerated my OCD and helped me through my moments of stressing out. 

Love to all, 

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